An eBook (short for electronic book, also written e-book) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. Such documents are usually read on personal computers, or on dedicated e-book readers or e-book devices (i.e. Kindle, Sony Reader). Many mobile phones can also be used to read eBooks. 

Our book(s) are currently offered in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This format is the most popular; it can be read from your computer screen or imported to a Palm or Pocket PC.

Adobe Acrobat is a free program for your computer or PDA. You can download this free reader at

Fair warning

eBooks are not transferable. They cannot be sold, shared or given away.

If you find someone selling an eBook, please contact the author or publisher so they can let the seller know it is illegal. It’s unfortunate that the world revolves on money, but authors must have an income to be able to continue writing the wonderful works we readers enjoy.

If you find our eBook being sold or shared illegally, please let us know at Your help in the eBook industry’s fight to preserve the intellectual property rights of our authors is much appreciated.