WeLoveAikido.com is the home Aiki-Doh!-ka, a figment of the twisted imaginations of Kevin Love and Jon Oaker. 

Jon and Kevin practice Yoshinkan Aikido at the Aiki Budo Centre in London, Ontario (Canada). Jon currently holds the rank of Sandan and Kevin is Shodan.

You can reach us by email, snail mail (118-5 Jacksway Cr., London ON N5X 3T6 Canada) or by telephone (but not in the wee hours of the night, please!) at 519 432 0810. 

We support Aiki Extensions, an organization devoted to extending the Aiki Way across all borders: between body and mind, between persons, and between nations, by donating 5% of the gross proceeds from our web site.

Aiki Extensions, Inc. was established in September, 1998 to support and enhance communication among those who apply the practice and principles of aikido in venues outside of conventional dojo settings.

The mission of Aiki Extensions is to:

strengthen existing efforts by constructing networks, enhancing communications and providing resources


extend aiki principles and practices to novel training sites, problem situations and areas of application


deepen the philosophical and pedagogical foundations of aikido as a practice embodying power and love