Eight days to my test…

Body’s holding up…mostly. I went for chiropractic and a massage the other day: my chiro had to close the clinic so that he could spend the afternoon putting me back together, and my massage therapist said it felt like she was practicing on a barrel of walnuts. But they managed to patch me up and sent me home with an armful of ice packs.

Seniors keep telling us we’re ready, usually right after they say something like, “that was good, but do it this way.” As a consequence, I have about ten ways to do each technique, none of which, on some days, work at all. Sigh.

And I’m going broke washing my dogi, never mind the test fee.

Ah well, I am enjoying the process despite my¬†grumbling. I’m having some good “Aha!” moments and am learning a lot about the value of being relaxed (still have a ways to go on that one!). It’s interesting, too, how aikido can reveal so much about one’s personality in regards to one’s willingness to ‘enter in’, ‘follow through’ and ‘experience/feel’ each step without rushing ahead (guilty!). Gives you a few things to ponder about life off the mat.

Ooops, gotta go - it’s time to put my dogi¬† in the dryer.

Eight days to go…