I was enjoying class on Saturday - a little jyu waza - and noticed Aiki-Doh!-ka watching from the sidelines. He was resting a sore back and was training with his eyes only, although I did notice that he was attending to his cell phone from time to time.

I continued training, taking my turn in the jyu waza queue - or should that be kyu - but every time I was enjoying a rest period, I couldn’t help noticing that A-D was texting like crazy. Thinking it must have to do with his new girlfriend, I didn’t give it much thought and brought my focus back to the mat.

Later, as I walked to my car after class, I checked my cell phone for messages and saw that my inbox was full to bursting with text messages. My curiosity piqued, I began to scroll through and read, and was puzzled by the seemingly cryptic nature of the messages:

kp hnds up

hl kmy

u rll lik rino

gud 1, finly

And then it dawned on me: all that texting Aiki was doing was to forward his commentary to me!¬†I began to compose a rant to text back to him, but in the end, I laughed as I sent him a smiley face and turned off my phone…