I think Aiki-Doh!-ka may be doing too much aikido. I mean, it’s one thing to go to lots of classes and practice at home or in the park, but when it shows up in your daily routine, that might be a bit too much. Case in point:

I went to the supermarket with Aiki-Doh!-ka and after dropping him off at the door, I returned from parking the car to find him doing kihon dosa sotai dosa with a shopping cart.

I disentangled him from the cart and we entered the store. A-D stopped at the sushi booth just inside the door and began chatting in Japanese with the rather cute attendant. It was clear to me that he was trying to get a date, but if my rusty Japanese serves me, I think he asked her if he could drive her doorknobs to the park.

He was beaming, though, as we made our way into the produce department and then disappeared a few moments. When he returned, he was very excited and holding up a potato for me to see.

“Look at this potato! It looks just like O’Sensei!”  he blurted. I was grateful that he wasn’t bowing.

I managed to calm him down and manoeuvre him to the meat counter where we ordered a couple of custom cut steaks. As the butcher hacked off our order, A-D leaned over and whispered, “he should ki-ai when he does that.”

We moved on, travelling through the crowded aisles, Aiki doing as many evasions as possible, pausing now and then to take something off the shelf and executing elbow-power number two as he turned to place the items in the cart. At one point we encountered a man mopping the floor and A-D got into a lengthy discussion with him about the value of suriashi and the importance of moving from the hips. I have to give the guy credit, though; instead of getting mad, he just kept asking A-D to demonstrate after every exchange until the entire aisle was finished.

I suppose the last straw was when we were checking out and Aiki-Doh!-ka dared the cashier to snatch the coins from his hand…